Mission Statement

APA mandate    
The object of the Corporation shall be to establish, operate and administer a non-­profit community service organization to advance the best interests of the residents of the residential area of the City of Winnipeg known as Armstrong's Point consisting of the following streets:

  • West Gate
  • Middle Gate
  • East Gate
  • Blanchard Ave.
  • Cornish Ave. (south side)

And without restricting the generality of the foregoing, to insure the continuance of the Armstrong's Point area as a residential district of the highest quality.

APA Achievements

  1. Stopped condo developers and maintained our R1 Residential status.
  2. Kept taxes low by appealing tax assessments for the area which for a long time were lumped in with Wellington Crescent.
  3. Lobbied the city to close Cornish from traffic off Sherbrook.
  4. With the help of the City developed two green spaces (East and West Blanchard Parks) and are working on a third at the river end of Middle Gate.
  5. Raised funds through highly successful House Tours (6 or 7 houses each time).
  6. Developed a strategy to protect our urban forest, established a Tree Fund and spent a significant sum on boulevard trees.
  7. Published Under The Canopy regarding trees for several years.
  8. Established a Beautification Committee to enhance the neighbourhood (e.g. garden plots at the Middle Gate entrance).
  9. Saved Cornish Library from closing and supported its renovation.
  10. Supported Art City, Broadway Community Centre and Sherbrook Pool.
  11. Supported the community and liaised with Neighbourhood Watch and the Bear Clan through a Safety and Security Committee.
  12. Held Community Events including summer BBQs, summer and fall potlucks, and Christmas gatherings.
  13. Published a newsletter – “Point to Point”.
  14. Liaised with the local City Councilor (currently Sherri Rollins) to support the APA mandate.
  15. Promoted Heritage Designation for the Point (achieved in April 2019). Read More...
  16. Organized and collected contributions to Winnipeg Harvest and the Main Street Project.
  17. Liaised with other Community Associations to promote common interests.
  18. Funded Bat Boxes and Duck Boxes situated in East and West Blanchard Parks.
  19. Sponsored the Little Free Library.