APA Board members 2019-2020:

Diamond Kassum – President
Sandra Thacker – Vice President
Dawn Zifarelli - Treasurer
April Kassum – Secretary
Kym Antonation
Scott Antonation
Kelly Van Camps
Jocelyne Hullen
Jim Perchaluk
Ash Raichura
Bill Ryzniczuk
Wayne Ryzniczuk
Ivan Sabesky
Susie Strachan
Marvin Tiller
Lino Zifarelli

APA Board Meetings

APA Board meetings occur usually on the 3rd Thursday of each month in the evening. 
The Board Chair has the discretion to change the meeting dates and times.
There are usually no meetings in July or August.
Robert’s Rules of Order are applied and minutes are kept.
A quorum is 50% of the current members of the Board.
Board members are appointed at the Annual General Meeting and there are no term limits.
The Chair, however, who is also the President of the APA, can only serve two sequential one year terms.
At least one member of the Board is the Chair, or a member of the Board sub-committees.
At each Board meeting the sub-committees of the Board are invited to report.

Board meetings can be attended by any member of the Armstrong’s Point Association in a non-voting capacity.

Board meetings are often lively events with a range of opinions. However, votes on a motion require at least 50% of those present to vote in favour for the motion to be approved, and a tied vote requires the Chair to cast the deciding vote.