Armstrong's Point Association Heritage Committee


    • Identify and support the preservation of built structures, historical artifacts, and lands of cultural historical significance or historical value

    • Promote conservation and awareness of this community’s cultural heritage assets and champion Armstrong’s Point as an official, nationally recognized heritage community

    • Make an effort to share important local history of Armstrong’s Point through education, designation and conservation

    The Beautification Committee is a sub-committee of the Heritage Committee Mandate:

    • Advise and implement initiatives that enhance the beauty of Armstrong’s Point whilst maintaining its cultural and historical significance, including public amenities and landscaping.

    The Heritage Committee historically have organized their fund raising Heritage House Tour on a bi-annual basis. However, as with many events, House Tours have been curtailed since Covid.

    The Heritage House Tours have produced around $20,000.00 since its inception. Currently, the Heritage Committee is working with the City of Winnipeg to produce plaques for the neighbourhood. The first plaque will be installed at the Middle Gate Gardens in an effort to both greet and inform residents and guests about the beginning years of Armstrong’s Point.

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