Armstrong’s Point Association Committees

  • APA Committees are developed to assist in the execution of the APA mandate and are required to report all their activities to the Board.
  • Every committee is required to have a member of the Board as the Chair or as a member.
  • All committees liaise with each other when required.
  • All committees are expected to raise funds if possible and/or necessary to achieve their mandate; fund raising activities are approved and coordinated by the Board.
  • Every committee provides an Annual Report which includes a financial report.
    Tree Committee

In recognition of the high value in which Armstrong’s Point neighbourhood holds the preservation of its urban canopy, the Tree Committee’s mandate is:

  • To protect the parks, riparian forest and boulevards including the replacement of trees
  • To liaise with the City, and Armstrong’s Point residents
  • To serve as a conduit of information to residents regarding trees in public and private spaces.

Heritage Committee


  • Identify and support the preservation of built structures, historical artifacts, and lands of cultural historical significance or historical value
  • Promote conservation and awareness of this community’s cultural heritage assets and champion Armstrong’s Point as an official, nationally recognized heritage community
  • Make an effort to share important local history of Armstrong’s Point through education, designation and conservation

    The Beautification Committee is a sub-committee of the Heritage Committee Mandate:

    • Advise and implement initiatives that enhance the beauty of Armstrong’s Point whilst maintaining its cultural and historical significance, including public amenities and landscaping.

Social Committee 

  • Encourage and promote community spirit and cohesiveness by initiating and organizing social events for the residents of Armstrong’s Point e.g.: A Summer BBQ, a Fall Event and a Seasonal Holiday Party in December.

Safety, Security and Maintenance Committee


  • Promote safety in Armstrong’s Point and the security of its residents through community awareness and collaboration with law enforcement and elected officials
  • Ensure maintenance of infrastructure, including entrance gates, public lighting and public sidewalks.

Zoning Committee


  • Investigate and where possible facilitate resolution of issues which threaten to compromise the R1 or HCD designation of Armstrong’s Point.